Board of Aldermen

The governing body of the city consists of the Mayor and a five-member Board of Aldermen. Four members of the Board are elected from separate wards, while the fifth member is elected at large. The Mayor and members of the Board of Aldermen are elected for concurrent four-year terms.

The Board of Aldermen meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm, in City Hall at 525 Main Street.

The Aldermen are:

  • Ward 1 - Justin Clearman
  • Ward 2 - Jim Fulton
  • Ward 3 - James Tatum
  • Ward 4 - Shaun Seales
  • Alderman at large - James Waltman

Contact Information:

City Hall
525 Main Street
Phone: 601.656.3612
Fax: 601.656.7273